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Stuart Page, Producer


Stuart Page began his artistic journey in film and television shortly after high school in Austin, Texas, where he was able to immerse himself in the local entertainment industry. He began his film studies at the local college and began to work with local filmmakers on everything from screenwriting, commercial shoots, music videos, short and feature films, holding every position from production assistant to producer. 


These early experiences allowed him to dial in his abilities as a filmmaker and allowing him to continue his studies at North Texas University. It was there that he broadened his knowledge in film and television production by writing, directing, and producing films with tight budget restrictions. During this time period he also worked in the university's television studio where he held the positions of studio 

manager and on air producer. 


Shortly after college, Stuart was hired on to produce an independent feature film in Austin, Texas by a rising independent film director. The successful completion of this very limited budget film, allowed him to be hired onto a film in Los Angeles a mere 4 months later. Since the completion of that film, Stuart has set roots in Los Angeles where he has gone on to produce another feature film as well as produce countless productions from television pilots, commercials, and new 

media projects.





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